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Frequently Asked Questions

The uLEAD Network is an innovative online networking tool, which provides institutional leaders access to various resources such as modules, webinars, reports, infographics, and opportunities to discuss access to higher education with other leaders.  All the internal information is encrypted, and facilitated by an anonymous agent that will act as the nexus point between the two parties. The Network aims to provide legal, social, political, and institutional support to actors who take a stand on contentious issues of educational access and diversity, with a special emphasis on those issues most affecting undocumented students.

The uLEAD network is composed of graduate students, practitioners and volunteers affiliated with the National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good.

uLEAD is an acronym for “University Leaders for Educational Access and Diversity."

The uLEAD Network is a network of individuals committed to educational access and diversity in higher education. The Network's original focus is on providing access to higher education for undocumented students. We envision that the Network's focus will continue to expand to encompass many varying issues of diversity in higher education, with the goal of higher education access for all capable students. While the website itself has been designed for university leaders and those individuals that support a student's journey into and through higher education, we envision that involvement in the uLEAD Network will help not only those who use it, but more importantly, the students that they serve.

The uLEAD network’s internal interface is currently under construction. However, you can join our public community by commenting on an article or question posted in Community Conversations or contact us.