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Mission and Vision

uLEAD (University Leaders for Educational Access and Diversity) grows out of a tradition of work on access to higher education and a commitment to provide tools that enhance leaders' ability to create positive change in their institutions. The mission of the uLEAD Network is to provide a platform for higher education leaders to engage others and provide necessary resources to address complex challenges related to access to higher education for undocumented students.

The vision for the uLEAD Network is to connect individuals and groups who seek to adopt inclusive policies and practices toward undocumented students or who are facing challenges at their institution. We are committed to helping create a more vigorous commitment to the principle of access to higher education for immigrant and undocumented students.

The uLEAD  Network will primarily serve as an online information hub for institutional leaders who seek information about policies and practices related to access to higher education. Materials such as webinars, fact sheets, case studies and multimedia will be made available to higher education professionals who seek additional support ranging from information about working with undocumented students to enabling institutional change.